5 Tips to Establish A Healthy Quarantine Routine 

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Ram-Don Noodles

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Asian Life Amidst the Coronavirus: Should Chinese Food Get the Blame?

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The Fun and Fearlessness of New American Cuisine

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Easy to Make Inarizushi! Stuffed Tofu Bags for All Tastes!

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So, You Think You Are A Foodie?

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Gochujang Meatballs

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Ram-Don and Societal Issues as Seen On Academy Award winner Parasite 

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Top Five Kitchen Gadget Gifts for Father’s Day

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Melissa Lee: Cook A Book

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Justin Alexander Shoults: Cook A Book

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KFC x Crocs: A Finger-Lickin Good Collaboration

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Salmon Rillette on Crispy Rice Chips

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Miso Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Pockets

By Robin Clark + Melissa Lee   According to Robin, she grew up eating typical American food: casseroles, meatloaf, ham […]

Smoked Strawberry Miso Ice Cream

By Melissa Lee “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate.”       –William Shakespeare […]

Everything Bagel Donuts + Furikake Cream Cheese

By Robin Clark + Melissa If you think being pastry chefs are all about unicorn cupcakes and frosting, many of […]

Red Miso Marinated Ribeye Steak with Glazed Carrots 

By Justin Shoults + Melissa Lee Well, what can I say? I love miso, and I love ribeye steak. If […]

Tempura Brownies

By Robin Clark + Melissa Lee Taiwan is a melting pot. We were ruled by the Japanese government for fifty […]

Ramen Noodles in Yellow Miso-Mustard Broth with Frankfurters

By Justin Shoults + Melissa Lee Some of my favorite childhood memories involve noodles and hotdogs. My dad was the […]

Kimchi Sausage

By Justin Shoults + Melissa Lee   Sausage reminds me of my time exploring the night market during childhood. In […]

Kkakdugi Korean Radish Banchan 

By Melissa Lee In Korean cuisine, banchan is the name for a small side dish served along with cooked rice. […]

Under the Sea Kimchi Dumplings 

By Justin Shoults + Melissa Lee   Growing up in Taiwan, I had heard the word “kimchi” since I was […]

Fine Dining in Color: Facing Obstacles as an African American Pastry Chef

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Immigration and the Food Industry: Forty-five Dollar Avocado Toast and Other Tragedies

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Be the CEO Your Parents Want You To Marry

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Robin Clark: Cook-a-book

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