Cook with Chef Melissa!

Thanks for choosing Cooking Beautifulleewhere memories are made. We are so excited to cook with you. Have you ever taken large group cooking lessons and got frustrated because you didn’t get enough attention from the instructor? No worries! You will never be screaming “attention please” on the inside when you take our in-home/virtual cooking lessons. For our service, the instructor to student ratio typically ranges from 1 to 2 to 1 to 4. 

  1. Oh, Happy Day!  Please list three potential dates for the cooking workshops.
  2. Menu Planning  Chef Melissa will provide you with 5 three course pre-fix menu.
  3. Let the fun begin  The workshop will be held in Chef Melissa’s kitchen.  Melissa will text you detailed information regarding the class, including transportation and parking. This is your time to venture out of your comfort zone and create delicious memories in her kitchen.

Our Promise

  • Flexible schedule
  • Attentive learning experience
  • Dive into the culinary tasks you could never overcome on your own
  • Accommodation for special diet restrictions and allergies
  • Recipes created for home-cooks at different ages
  • Sweet, savory, and spectacular memories

Workshop FAQs

Virtual Workshop Pricing

*price covers food. NOT wine

Attendees Per Person Total Cost
One $338 $338
Two $169 $338
Three $169 $507
Four $169 $676
Five $169 $845
Six $169 $1014

How is your service different from a typical personal chef service?

I offer premium in-home cooking workshops. I don’t work as personal chefs to prepare meals for our clients. My mission is to empower them to create delicious memories on their own.

Where do you teach the workshop?

I teach our clients at my kitchen because I believe home is where delicious memories are made!

Do you do delivering or catering?

I don’t. Even if the President of the United States signs up for my class, he or she will have to roll up his or her sleeves and punch the bread dough with me.

Do you do parties/events?

Yes! Please let us know how many participants and what the special occasion is. I would love to create delicious memories with you!

Do you offer parent/child workshops?

Yes! I have a lot of experience working with two or three generations of family members. Please list your children/grandchildren’s age. I will make realistic recommendations based on the menu you create. Any additional information, such as your children’s cooking levels, and their favorite dishes to make at home will be helpful too!

How much notice do you need to book a class?

The sooner the better. I am usually solid book for one month at least.

What if I need to cancel my order?

I ask for at least two days notice for all order cancellations. If a class is canceled within 48 hours of the event start time, I will reserve the remaining credit for a future workshop. I understand last-minute changes may happen in life, but I also want to be respectful to my time, and the efforts I put into planning each workshop. I hope you understand.

Can I request to cook a dish that’s not on your menu list?

Any minor changes to the menu should be fine. There will be an additional charge of $80 per hour if it requires extensive menu planning. I listed dishes that can be done in a reasonable time frame. If you have an ambitious entrée or show-stopping cake to make, there will be not only an additional charge of $80 per hour for planning but also an additional charge of $80 per hour for the extra time teaching. I encourage you to keep the menu simple for a small group. It is more relaxing when you do not have to slave away for hours over one meal. After all, my service is about learning the techniques, building your confidence in the kitchen, and having fun!

Can the menu be changed?

Always let me know if you have any food allergies or preferences. I will try our best to accommodate your needs!

Do you offer a wine pairing class for your cooking and baking workshops?

Yes! I would love to enhance your dining experience with delicious wines. I am both WSET level 3 certified and WSET sake certified. An additional fee will apply for planning and ordering the wine. The fee on our price chart doesn’t include the cost of wine/sake.

Not seeing your question? If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us here.